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About Farrah

Farrah D McBride, a motivational speaker and the author of, ABC’s to Happiness, Diary0723vol1: Revealing Truth, and the anthology,To My Girls. At the very young age of eight, she desired to one day become a published author. Not knowing when or how this dream was going to come true she never let it go. At the age of 37, she found herself in a very difficult time. In Oct 2014, Farrah lost her mother and felt led to write the ABC’s to Happiness. To Farrah, that didn’t seem rational. In her mind she asked,” How can I write a book about being happy? I just lost my mother.” A year later, Farrah found herself to still feel sadden and out of sorts about the loss of her mother. Nothing seemed to go right and once more she heard within herself. “You know what you need to do to be happy. Write the book.” In that very moment she wrote, the ABC’s to Happiness. In 2016, her childhood dream came true. In that same year, she also published Diary0723vol1: Revealing Truth. Both books have inspired many to follow their dreams as well as to fight through some personal issues they may have experienced or may be experiencing.   

​You Are The Key In Unlocking Your Happiness 

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